Lutra Lake Salmon Set Net Site


Lutra Lake Salmon Set Net Site is located on the Viekoda Bay side of Uganik Island at the entrance to Uganik Passage. There is one permit included in the package with plenty of room to add a second permit. The cabin is on the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge with a yearly lease fee of $622.50.

$200,000 plus in assets, $80,000 gross, other fish permits available.

EMAIL: [email protected]

Google Earth Coordinate for Uganik Island
57.8945N 153.3850W


Lutra Lake Salmon Set Net Site is located on the Viekoda Bay side of Uganik Island at the entrance to Uganik Passage. There is one permit included in the package with plenty of room to add a second permit. The cabin is on the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge with a yearly lease fee of $622.50.

Kodiak Island waters are pristine with extremely clear water. The site is located in a bay which makes it a very calm site and it a pleasure to fish. There is a fresh water lake right next to the cabin with a banya (sauna) perched on the bank of the lake. There are also permits to build two additional structures, adding 550 square feet of space.

The site is ideal for a family operation. There is a nearby spring fed stream providing a season long supply of drinking water. Wildlife abounds, including Sitka black tail deer, Kodiak brown bears, eagles, river and sea otters, and five species of whales. Halibut, rockfish, cod, and salmon offer great sport fishing opportunities. Tanner crabs are available as well for subsistence harvesting.

The current permit holder has fished the site since 1993 and has all the fish tickets, supplies and equipment available for serious buyers. He would spend the first two weeks or so with the new owner assisting with opening camp and initial setting up of the nets for the first opener.

Gear List For Lutra Lake Set Net Site as of 1-01-2015

600 square foot cabin on federal lease land-three bedroom with sleeping loft at one end and storage loft on the other end. Large kitchen area with running cold water to double basin sink.

Cabin includes following features:
A. Gas range, new in 2013
B. Danby propane refrigerator
C. 19 windows and 2 sky lights
D. 8” x 20” front deck
E. 4’ x 4’ in-floor cooler
F. Solar powered lights
G. Air tight Fisher wood stove-brick lined
H. Extensive set of cookware
I. Complete set of dishes/silverware for 12+ people
J. 3 beds with bedding and many extra changes of sheets, blankets, and pillows
K. 5 foldout sleeping pads with pillows, blankets and sheets
L. Pedestal type oak kitchen table with leaf-42” x 66”
M. 3 oak kitchen chairs
N. 2 padded kitchen chairs
O. 2 sofas
P. 20” TV with built-in VHS player and 200 plus tapes
Q. Vacuum cleaner
R. Electric coffee grinder
S. Electric yogurt maker
T. 2 D.C. to A.C. power inverters
U. Plywood window covers

Fishing Gear/Equipment

*22’ Pacific skiff with rollers and picking rail-1996
*20’ Edgeweld skiff, 1987-same picking rail fits it
*8’ x 24’ holding barge, 15 bins, fiberglass over wood, well insulated, hold 10,000 lbs.
of fish fully loaded
*7.5 ton RSW, 1997 Integrated Marine Systems with a $2000 repair kit and numerous
spare parts-50 gallon aluminum fuel tank
*60 HP Yamaha endure-2003 with low hours
*60 HP Yamaha outboard-2006, 4 stroke
*50 HP Yamaha outboard-1990, oil injected, runs
*4000 PSI Honda Pressure Washer-2007
*WL 20X Honda Volume Pump-2013
*WL 20X Honda Volume Pump-2014
*5 1/8” mesh 100 fathom net, complete with stainless steel snaps-100 meshes deep
*4 7/8” mesh 100 fathom net, complete for back-up-80 meshes eep
*5 1/8” mesh 50 fathom net, complete-90 meshes deep
*4 7/8” mesh 50 fathom net, complete for back-up-80 meshes deep
*4 7/8” mesh 50 fathom net, 80-meshes deep, used for subsistence
*About 25 nomar brailar bags
*About 35 anchors from 75 lb. Danforth to 150 lb. –most with chains
*150 lb. Danforth with 35’ of ¾” galvanized chain and ¾” line for the holding barge
*25 100 fathom ½” anchor lines on the sets with spares
*150 fathom skeleton line with stainless steel rings-new in 2013
*100 fathom skeleton line with stainless steel rings-new in 2011
*100 fathom running line with 4 aluminum pulleys
*100 fathom running line with pulleys for backup
*2-50 fathom shore leads, complete
*100 fathom of new mesh
*Numerous small sections (5-10 fathom) of new mesh for mending
*40+ buoys of assorted sizes
*About 35 tail hold buoys
*Assorted rolls of hanging twine, mending twine, needles, scissors, etc.
*5-pole 2” x 20” pipe net rack with front loading pipe and tarp above tide line
*Numerous coils of line, some new, with extra rings, clips clevises
*2 marine batteries for outboards
*Battery charger
*4 Mustang coverall work suits-small to extra large
*4 Shakespeare halibut rods with Penn reels fully equipped with spare line, hook,
sinkers, etc.
*10 personal life vests
*3 Dungeness crab pots with lines and buoys
*3 subsistence style crab pots
*Extra outboard parts
*5 boat gas cans with hoses

Other Equipment/Supplies

*8’ x 12’ Banya (sauna)
*Honda 2000 watt generator-2012, low hours
*Stihl chain saw, new 2011
*Lawn mower, new 2016
*Paloma on-demand water heater for shower
*Automatic washing machine
*Craftsman cart for ATV with tundra tires
*Northern Tools ATV cart with rack
*50 Watt solar panel with regulator and breaker systems
*Heavy duty solar storage batteries
*100 Watt solar pane-new 2013 with regulator
*Skycell SX151 Mitsubishi satellite telephone
*Cobra VHF base station radio with antenna and outdoor speaker
*Backup VHF radio
*Handheld VHF HH980 Unident with extra battery and charger
*Gas barbeque grill
*Camp Chef gas cooker
*4-100 lb. propane tanks
*2-20 lb. propane tanks
*2 pressure cookers-32 pint, 16 pint, and 8 pint
*Mechanic tool set, metric and American sockets and open end, screw drivers, pipe
wrenches, etc.
*Skill saw
*Sabra saw
*Half inch drill
*Cordless drill with extra battery and charger
*Hammer drill with 1” rock bit
*Extra 1” x 16” galvanized eye bolts
*Numerous hand tools, shovels, rakes, axes, picks, mauls, wedges, post hole digger,
cant hook
*Coleman lanterns and stove
*Rule bilge pump
*7-4” x 4” white plastic totes
*2 gas drum setups-golden rod filters, valves, hoses and fittings
*Numerous tarps, including 2-20’ x 40’ net rack tarps
*Garden way cart
*6 Nomar slush bags, new 2014
*Gould’s balanced flow pump
*16’ aluminum extension ladder
*8’ fiberglass step ladder
*2 outdoor recliners
*4 padded chairs
*Carpenter’s tools-saws, hammers, squares, levels, etc.
*Sharp printing calculator
*12 ton hydraulic jack
*8 gas cans
*Canning jars and supplies
*Water collection system-barrel, pump liner, ½ mile of 2” and 1” pipes and hoses,
valves, filter systems, and lots of spare parts
*2-2” suction hoses with strainers
*2-12” pressure nozzles with quick disconnect fittings
*Adjustable nozzle with valve
*125’ of 2” discharge hose with connectors
*50’ of 1 1/2 “ discharge hose
*Numerous quick connect adaptors
*Several boxes of plumbing fixtures
*Several boxes/cans of nails and screws
*Miscellaneous assorted supplies, spare parts and equipment including, but not limited to: bungee cords, fasteners, paint, paint brushes, fiberglass, curing salt, carryover groceries, picking gloves, wristers, boots, rain gear, rubber gloves, H2O filter, antifreeze fittings, hoses, freezer paper, various tapes and dispensers, calculator, glues, snaps, swivels, boat pipes, boat plugs, case of oil, machete, pumps, grinder, bags, visqueen, staplers and staples, copper tubing with cutter and flaring tools, copper fittings, brass and hose fittings, 5 propane regulators, hose clamps, pipe connectors and fittings, electrical wire with connectors, outlets, 5 gallons of tar, 90 lb. roofing, windows, pilings, outdoor table, clamps, grease gun, books, games, manuals, fish bag repair materials, 4 fish gaffs, Z-Spar, 3 extra pulleys, water filters, propane torch, batteries, electric fencer, tape measures, hand saws, etc. (Camp is extremely well stocked with hardware and tools for repairs and projects.)


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